Please keep an eye on the World Cyber Arena from tomorrow. The 23th of August will be the first day of the gigantic showdown of the last period within the European qualifiers. Eight teams will do the honors until 31st of August to battle each other in the double elimination tournament using their experience, knowledge, stern discipline and all their ambition to achieve the main aim – winning the WCA LAN – finals!

How much to win with DotA 2 in 2016?

The big winner of the final will make a delicious cash of not less than $600.000.Every of the participants will take a share of a 54.000 $ depending on the ranking after the qualifiers.The lower bracket finals, the upper bracket finals and the Grand Finals will be played in best-of-five format whilst the other series will be under the best-of-three scheme.The teams to be ranked 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th and 4th will take a share amount of $1.357. The third winner will get $6.785 and the second place $13.570.The first team is the happiest one and will not only have $27.140, but also arise into the next level, what is the big playoffs!

The battle of giants – these are the eight teams attending the European qualifiers:

First at all we proudly announce that Ad Finem (more Information about Ad Finem) (one of the best teams worldwide) will fight the battle.Ad Finem is a very special and professional team from Greece and we trust in the highly skilled and talented players Michael „Madao“ Chatzialexiou, Giorgos „-SsaSpartan“ Giannokopoulos, Apostolos „Maybe Next Time“ Verros, Omar „Madara„ Dabasas, Xari „SkyLark“ Zafiriou and Dimitrios „ThuG“ Plivouris.These guys just outflanked Imperial with 2:1 at the 2nd of August 2016 what seemed to be a good warm-up for the next step in their successful eSports career.

Can Ad Finem fight the others?

Let us face now some of the competitor of Ad Finem. Below we list the other teams for you - and it will make you sweat:-Alliance (Sweden), formerly NoTidehunter, experienced since September 2012-Fantastic 5 (Eastern Europe), dynamic team with plenty of high quality rosters-Vega Squadron (Russia), well-chosen rosters-Team Empire (Russia), experienced since 2004-Team Liquid (Netherlands), Dota 2 – professionals since 2012-Kaipi – winners of the closed qualifiers-Escape Gaming – talented and focused newcomers

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