Just when the season is done in all of the big European leagues, we end up being in for the icing on the cake, when the international competitions come to a conclusion. And it starts tonight with FC Liverpool and FC Seville facing off for the Europa League trophy.

Liverpool has the sights set on the trophy


The more this season closed in towards the finishing line, the more Jürgen Klopp emphasized the ambitious goal to go for it all in the Europa League. And rightfully so. Because the writing on the wall, that Liverpool might not make it to the international ranks in the Premier League, proved itself to be true. Liverpool finished this season on rank number eight. Which means that they will need to win this final if they want to play international next year. But can they pull it off against FC Seville? Looking at Liverpool's stats, they are obviously best described as above average in virtually every regard compared to the rest of this year's Premier League teams. Regardless which aspect is put into consideration … league Table, form table, home table, away table, offense table, defense table ... in all these Liverpool ranks between the sixth and the ninth rank. Not too shabby given the overall quality of the Premier League.

Seville with a very comparable situation


Just like Liverpool, Seville is dependent on winning the Europa League if thy want to play international next year. They just missed the boat towards the international rankings. But other than Liverpool it wasn't because of an all around lackluster season. It was because they completely crumbled in the national competition. Even though Seville compares pretty even to Liverpool, as far as the overall defense and offense go, their form is miserable! They finished as the team with the weakest form of the entire Primera Division, collecting only four points in their last eight games. On top of that they are the second weakest away team in the entire division. However, they did undeniably better in the Europa League. Still, Liverpool (be it in domestic or international competition) won more of it's games. And this could be huge in regard to the upcoming final.

This is what the odds at Tipbet look like:

Let's make that short: Liverpool all the way (Tipbet odds: 2.20)! Klopp has his men where he wanted them, Seville is by far not the most stern test compared to some other of Liverpool's opponents, Liverpool met much stiffer competition en route to the final and if there ever was a great motivator, it's got to be Jürgen Klopp. They want it and they will get it.

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We wish you much fun for the Europa League Final between FC Liverpool and FC Seville with online sports betting!

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