New affiliates at Tipbet can now earn an extra lump sum amount every month with a reward scheme that has just been launched.

Depending on performance, affiliate partners can get up to €250 on top of a generous 50% Revenue Share scheme for the first month of the partnership. This can be attained by getting over 100,000 page views when advertising the Tipbet brand, in the Platinum option.

As the table below shows, just getting 10,000 page views is enough for a Bronze reward of €25, with incremental increases in both cash award and monthly hit count for Silver, Gold and Platinum.


Monthly hit count:

Amount to earn:


100,000 +



50,000 – 100,000




25,000 – 50,000



10,000 – 25,000


Tipbet’s affiliates are helped to boost their earnings with regular promotions and media materials, including banners and gifs, as well as getting one-on-one assistance from a dedicated Affiliate Manager.

The reward scheme listed above is subject to necessary website checks and approval from the Tipbet Affiliates team.

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