League оf Legends  - Survival of the fittest

League оf Legends
League оf Legends

Another week has passed, and so have eight teams to the Quarter finals. Two teams did well, some just made it through the door, while four teams reign majestically at the top.

The Fall out

Group A

There were high hopes for North America`s CLG as they were regarded as the favorites for this championship. Although they had as many wins as they had losses, they still didn`t make it. Europe also suffered a huge defeat as G2`s five losses and a solitary win left much to desired. Time for a Siesta for you guys.

Group B

Group B had quite a rough time with SK Telecom T1 to go against. The Chinese team I May lost there - as they lost each match in this round.  Looks like they just may not continue as they were eliminated also. The Flash Wolves had one victory but their previous round wasn`t so successful. They will follow the rest to the spectator seats.

Group C

The boys of Brazil, ITZ failed miserably in the second round as they could not get on their feet. Same as G2, only one win doesn`t get you anywhere. AHQ had to succumb to the same destiny as three victories were just not enough to get through. This Taiwanese team had showed such brilliance recently in other games they were expected to be the champions of this event. Well this Championship is completely full of surprises.

Group D     

North America`s rising Team TSM were quite surprising in this event as 2015 was quite hard. They seemed to have the ability to compete at this level. Unfortunately, 3 -3 just was not enough. We will keep an eye on them in future events. Splyce fought hard to regain position but RNG tore them to pieces. They never stood a chance against Samsung Galaxy. The Korean team gave them their last blow, sending them out of the tournament.

The Best Prevail.

Amongst these teams we find faith and fear. Hope for some but not for all. The top reigning teams have had quite a good run so far. Others went well and two just made it through.

The Leaders

The top line has four leading teams, each one having five wins to be proud of.  This is mainly dominated by the SKT, ROX and SSG. THE 3 Korean teams in the Quarter Finals. The top row is shared with H2K. This team is the last hope for Europe in this tournament. Nothing to fear though, as like their Korean rivals, they have been consistent.  Our bet is on one of these teams as favorites yet there may be some surprises. Actually, there have been quite a few in this tournament and we are hoping for more.

The Runner Ups

In the second level of the podium so far there is Edward Gaming and Albus NoX Luna. ANX have won the popularity with the crowd and followers of the tournaments. Their breathtaking gameplay stands out from the others. This team is one of the most deserving to win this championship. But not to worry as they are sure to be on top in the near future. EDG have the task of defending their country in this gruesome battle. Until now they faced H2K several unsuccessful times.

Now they go against ROX. Although, ROX Tigers are serious contenders and may stand a good chance. They have never come against them during this Championship. A note to mention is that ROX have the mighty Smeg. He is the most acclaimed player of this tournament. His performances have outdone those of his rivals. So will EDG prevail and make China proud? This is one match not to miss.

Last Chance, Last Hope

At the bottom we have Cloud 9 and RNG. Well, good thing they never give up cos they skinned their way up into the quarter finals. Same goes for Cloud 9. This team has a world upon their shoulders. They are the last home team to move towards the finals. Being from North America, the country is counting on them. Let`s see how their streak of luck changes as they come across the Koreans of SSG. Cloud 9 are full of surprises, so you never know.

The Quarter Finals

All the matches will be at midnight CEST (Central European Summer Time). They will move to the windy state of Chicago to write this part of history.

The challenge starts next Friday at midnight CEST with SSG against C9 followed by SKT with RNG the day after.

Don’t miss ROX battle against EDG on the 16th and finally H2K with ANX which I believe will be one of the best matches.

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