The Final Battle

Madison Square was the battle ground for this year`s League of Legends Semi-Finals. People flocked in their thousands to watch this event, covering all four corners of the arena. As the audience waved their thunder sticks, the teams walked out onto the platform ready to take their seats. It`s amazing to see these young men walk out in a humble manner despite being such stars.

SK Telecom 1 vs ROX Tigers.

First to go head-to-head are SK Telekom T1 against ROX Tigers for one of the best matches of the whole Championship.  They battled all five games until eventually one team came out the victor.

The match begins

In the first game SKT started with jungler Benji, who was consistent throughout all his matches. ROX was leading ahead by securing the 1st dragon for the first quarter. From then on, SKT took over. Benji led the game by securing the elder dragon before team-mate Fakar landed a multi-man shockwave to win the fight and the game for SKT.

SKT decided to replace Benji for Blank for some reason. Rox also surprised the crowd by opting for GoriLLa instead of Miss Fortune! This turned out to be one of the most active games of the match with ROX winning thanks to PraY. He sniped Ekko as he was teleporting to defend the base.

At 1-1 the tension is building. SKT seemed to be falling under the pressure as GorillA and PraY swiped the victory from under SKT`s feet. Under by 1, SKT had to come up with a solution and quickly. The reigning champions were about to be kicked out of the tournament. ROX rose to victory again.

Hope is returned to SKT, with Benji back out on the frontline to counteract Peanut. He stumbled upon Peanut`s Olaf by Nidalee, regaining their chance paring again - 2-2.

Do or Die

The last game was to determine who goes to the finals. With ROX strong as ever and SKT back on their feet, a grueling match lay ahead. In a merciless battle, ROX secured the baron but could not match the force of SKT. With barons of their own, they overcame the weakened ROX to win the tournament.

Samsung VS H2K

The next day, a different scenario lay ahead. H2K had to face the mighty Samsung Galaxy. Europe`s last hope lay in their hands of H2K. They had surprised us on various occasions with their unexpected victories, gaining momentum along the way. They had proven themselves worthy of this position, yet their luck ran out as they were defeated relentlessly by Samsung Galaxy. The Korean team shined with glory as they won three times in a row.

Jungler Jankos gave an admirable performance as he penetrated SSG`s back line for most of the 1st game. This was soon to be diminished by the force of the baron that took H2K down. Despite their constant attacks, they were no match for Cuvee who become unkillable. He tore down turrets with ease, giving SSG their first win.

The 2nd game was another heartbreaking defeat for H2K. Jankos struggled to hold on as Ryu was defeated by Crown. Cuvee took this opportunity to crush Odoamme as well. H2K had a such a good winning strategy so far. Why did they change it now? Well they paid the price of their decision.

Now demoralized and without breath, H2K had to succumb to the reality that they were inferior to their rivals. The 3rd game confirmed the triumph for the Korean team Samsung Galaxy.

The Finals

SSG will face the worthy rivals SK Telecom 1 for the Final match at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Masses of people will fill the stadium for the ultimate eSport event of the year. The odds are in favour of SSG wining over SKT. You can participate by coming to to view the odds and statistics and place your bet. Don`t miss this event and a chance to win thanks to this wonderful event. The League of Legends World Championship.

League оf Legends World Championship

League of Legends World Championship