• League of Legends Round 2 -the battle continues

    The first week of the eSports League of Legends World Championship has displayed quite a few surprises. Some rose while others fell. Cheers of joys emitted from many, while others moaned in despair as the least fancied conquered the favourite. The European teams G2 and Splyce had quite a rough start but not all is lost. They may still redeem themselves.

    Group A

    Russian team Albus NoX Luna launched into the lead as the team to fear in this event as they conquered North America`s Counter Logic and Europe`s G2 Esports. They fought till their last breath as the public stood there amazed; some with pleasure, others in pain. ROX, the mighty team from Korea, must have given them quite a shake with their win over ANX, igniting their stamina to work harder and be stronger.

    Counter Logic redeemed themselves in the end by defeating ROX in the last day, leaving all top 3 with 2 wins and 1 loss and G2 with nothing for Group A. The height of suspense is about G2. If they win against ANX and CLG they may still make it to the Quarter Finals!

    Group B 

    The north American Team Cloud 9 overcame the Koreans of SK Telecom T1 as they went against each other with force. They eventually stood neck to neck at the top in Group B, steadily overcoming their rivals Flash Wolves from Taiwan and I May from China.

    Group C

    The Chinese team Edward Gaming lost only to INTZ. To our surprise INTZ of Brazil were brought to their knees by the Taiwanese AHQ and H2K of UK. Though H2K proved themselves superior to AHQ, it was not enough to take the lead in this group. EDG and AHQ stand equal with 2 wins.

    Group D 

    Splyce, the North American Team, were the disappointment of Group D as they didn`t manage to grasp a win over their rivals, despite the efforts of their star player Sencux - which stood out thanks to his continuous efforts. It will require major effort and skill to get them out of the hole they fell into. The beauty of this game is that you never know who the odds will favour, whose luck will turn and which surprises lie ahead.

    Round 2

    This weekend`s matches are crucial to the outcome of events. This round leads to the quarter finals. That means that half of the existing teams must succumb to defeat and watch the games like the rest of us! Although G2 and Splyce seem to be on the executioners list, others’ destiny is still to decided.

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    Which team shall prevail, which flag shall sway from side to side as the roar of the fans deafens the crowd? We too are on the edge of our seats to see who shall prevail from this crucial round. There are questions to be answered and scores to be settled.

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