A plethora of new features have just been launched and are now live in all Tipbet’s betting shops. These each bring extra usability and efficiency for staff, as well as enhancing the Tipbet customer experience.

Tipbet has released the new software version Tipbet 2.0 on all platforms (terminal, cashpoint-system and website) and already automatically updated it on all the systems mentioned. All systems are designed for a clear recognition value in the corporate design and include numerous new features, such as the cash-out function and the new accounting software.

New design on all systems

The new interface offers a new optical design on all systems. Known control elements have been retained, revised and equipped with new functions. Thanks to its intuitive controls, it is even easier for your customers and employees to use it.

The navigation through the cash register interface has been extended by the new touch function. If the monitors have a touch function, they are also supported by the Cashpoint-software. New areas and functions have been seamlessly integrated into the design.

The new www.Tipbet.net website is fully usable for all mobile devices and PCs. The improved design now provides for easier handling of touch buttons on smartphones and tablets.

Light or dark theme

On the terminal Tipbet allows users to choose between a bright and a dark theme. In addition, the new design has been added to the Tipbet RED II models with full HD graphics, and another line on the main screen (bet: Next Goal 1X2) ensures faster bet selection and purchase.


Brand-new in the shop area is the ticket bet slip Buy-back option (cash out) at Tipbet. Bookmakers from Tipbet offer a bet slip buy-back for many running bets. The ticket purchase is immediately available on all systems as soon as we can make an attractive offer for all sides.

The Innovative Tipbet Cash Out makes it possible to repurchase in pre-match games as well as in live games or in a combination of both. Each bet is checked and an individual offer is created. With the innovative buy-back option, all customers are given the opportunity to decide whether the bet is to be sold for a value determined by Tipbet.

The query can be carried out on the cash-point systems, at the terminal, or in the betting menu with the customer card - this simply needs to be scanned. The offer appears automatically and is clearly visible on the screen.

The buy-back option will be possible directly on many single-bets and from two combi-bets onwards.

Cashpoint system and new accounting

In a new platform-based back office, the shop-based accounting program has been completely revised and integrated into our nine cashpoint register and terminal systems. The new system allows franchise partners to track sales per employee in detail. In line with reports, you are also able to determine the productivity of employees.

In terms of security, a new log-in function was added to the new POS system. Employees can log out of the cashpoint system when leaving their workplace so that no access by third-party or other employees is possible. Errors or inconsistencies in the new bookkeeping are left in the past.

The usability and user friendliness is further improved by comfortable user administration. This allows you to create your own access points for the systems. This simplifies the control of the activities of your employees in the systems; you can understand, for example, who made which booking or who made which disbursement.

Altogether, bookkeeping is now much clearer and more efficient, so that franchisees can work much more productively with their own bet shops. The new update also adds value for customers.

New Terminal Software

The new and special feature in the new terminal software is the adaptation of the touch function to the current technology. The usual 4: 3 resolution is replaced by the new Full HD resolution, which means that the terminal software is faster, more user-friendly and handles several parallel functions.

Besides the choice of bright and dark theme, the language function is expanded. Apart from the German, English, Greek and Turkish languages, Belgian, Croatian, French and Italian are also included in the program. The most common languages are thus covered and add value for each customer for their betting experience. Other languages will be added soon.

The most innovative features in the new terminal software are as follows:

- the fast implementation of winning tickets; this offers the possibility to promptly issue a new bet with just a few clicks

- the cash-out of the so-called ticket buyback. In case of a specific betting, whether for single bet or  combi-bet, our bookmakers make an offer for the buy-back of the ticket.

Backoffice in a brand-new design

The Backoffice also has a completely new design, with many features and functions implemented. The highlight in the new backoffice is the high-performance and simple user management. Operators and shop owners can manage their employees more efficiently.

Employee data can be entered completely. This is the component to work on all systems. Enter the data and a password for the employee and the employee is ready to get started.

Another new feature is the evaluation of complete economic results. The franchise partner can determine on which systems bets were played, how many won or lost, etc. The betting reports allow you to display a statistical display of all bets (open bets, buy-backs, won or lost bets, etc.).

Accounting is easier than ever before. You can instantly evaluate your complete overview of results, whether it is a terminal, a cash-point or a shop customer, using "Shop Total". All inputs and outputs are much clearer and easier to understand.

The function for customer cards has been revised. The franchise partner now gets an accurate overview of the credit balances of all customer cards in their portfolio. The franchise partner is able to call the credit of individual customer cards and can clarify these in the customer card report.

Dozens of other new features

In addition to the cash-out of the new terminal and cashpoint, another innovative feature awaits Tipbet franchise partners. At the checkout the Multi-Custom Windows feature, at the terminal system, at bets played, accepting changes for a quick bet, will all ensure further satisfaction. We have also focused on the system architecture; the update now offers even more performance and provides an even more stable system.