The oldest cup competition in the sport of football: The FA Cup! For the 135th time the FA Cup will be up for grabs. And it is the remake of the spectacular final of 1990: Crystal Palace vs. Manchester United!

Crystal in search of the first major club title


In it's 110 year old history Crystal Place never managed to win a major title. Only once did they made it to the final of the FA cup. Their opponents: none other than Manchester United! Back then (in 1990) the final went to a 3:3 and it was only in the rematch that Manchester walked away with a 1:0 victory. One of the active players of Crystal Palace at the time was one Alan Pardew, who these days is the trainer of Crystal Palace. He would love nothing more than to avenge this bitter defeat of 1990, securing Crystal's first big title in the process. But he certainly has his work cut out for him. Because even if Manchester United played a very forgettable season by it's own standards, still they are a massive favorite. Crystal Palace did start very strong in this season, climbing as high as rank three in the Premier League, which was a record for the club. But then they went on a devastating streak, not winning for 14 games straight and becoming the second worst Premier League team of the 2016 league table. But they have one weapon and that would be their set pieces. They scored 39% of their goals after set pieces and only conceded 21% after set pieces. Both these values are the Premier League best and show how competent the team is in taking advantage of these situations.

Van Gaal's last shot for (some) redemption


Trainer Louis van Gaal's football is all the rage these days for the fans of Manchester United. While it led to a rock solid defense and utter home dominance, it also lead to a tame offense. Manchester United only scored 49 goals this season, significantly less than any other higher ranked team (and also less than many lower ranked ones). It is only the fifth time after the Second World War, that Manchester United ended a season with less than 50 goals. It is a style that is hard on the eyes for many of the Red Devil's fans. And to make things worse van Gaal doesn't find the overall success with it, that would make his tactical approach worthwhile. They missed the qualification for the Champion's League and the participation in the Europa League is hardly regarded as sufficient compensation. Van Gaal's stint appears to be as good as over. However, regardless of the merit of his tactical approach. There is no denying that van Gall is a very competent coach, for he always won trophies, wherever he was. Something that he has yet to do with Manchester. Tonight may be his last chance!

This is what the odds at Tipbet look like:

Will it be the first title for Manchester after the legendary Fergsuon era or will it be the first title at all for Crystal Palace. On paper there seems to be little doubt about who the favorite is. But as much as one can sympathize with Crystal (especially because of the narrative surrounding Pardew), it is hard to pic them over Manchester and their stellar defense. Maybe if the Crystal, which we saw early in the season, shows up, there will be a decent chance for them. But that is a big maybe. Too big! Manchester to win inside the regular distance (Tipbet odds: 1.75).

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