To play the Blackjack is pretty straight forward, you need 3 things, funds, a little knowledge and luck!

Here we will give you the knowledge you will need, the rest is up to you!

First choose your table from one of the Blackjack lobbies on the Live Casino homepage. Here at the Tipbet Live Casino we have over 40 Blackjack tables for you to choose from, with available minimum bets ranging from as low as €0.40 all the way up to maximum bets of €4000 there are staking amounts for everyone! With low minimum stake tables catering for those players just learning the art of Blackjack and the basic drawing rules to give you, the player, the best odds against the house, to the higher minimum and maximum stake tables where players are looking to make the big score!

So, you’ve picked a table, you can sit and watch others play before you decide to take a seat, or you could jump straight in and start to play. Once you’ve taken your seat, it’s now time to choose the chip you wish to bet. Choose a chip denomination from the chip menu and click on your chosen seat to place the bet. Chip denominations will change from table to table depending on the minimums and maximums on the particular table you have chosen, the higher the minimums are on your table, the higher the chip denominations will be.  We also have an option to play behind other players at the table, just like you would find in a land based Casino. You could use this feature to increase your chances of winning against the dealer, we all know the saying don’t put all your eggs in one basket!

On our Live Blackjack tables, we also have 21+3 and Perfect Pair as additional side bets for you to choose from. These bets will pay you regardless of what the dealer has as their total, they also pay out odds of up to 100 to 1! These recent additions to regular bets on blackjack have proven very popular with many Blackjack player since they were introduced.

The dealer will now deal the cards and the game begins.

Now the rest is up to you, do you play the odds, or do you go with your gut?

Good luck and don’t forget to come and check out all our other live dealer games like Baccarat, Roulette, Poker, and our newest edition the Dream Catcher Big Wheel at’s Live Casino.