Sports betting at Tipbet has been greatly improved with the addition of both Partial and Auto Cash Out, meaning that there are now three ways to claim money before the end of play.

On top of the original Cash Out – which has been live for over a year and allows a profit to be taken before the bet slip has been closed – these additions to give complete control and flexibility.

The trio are available now to be used across all devices and cash offers can be found in your Betting Slip:

Full Cash Out gives the chance to take a profit before an event has finished, or to claw back some of your stake should a prediction look like it is heading in the wrong direction. The offer amount is determined by the value of betting slip, time remaining and, in the case of a multi-bet, the likelihood of all segment bets being successful.

Partial Cash Out takes the feature a step further by securing some of the cash offer whilst keeping the bet live. Clicking the yellow button allows you to choose either a percentage of the offer or a specific number to select – that amount of the offer is then assured with the rest remaining in-play.

Auto Cash Out is situated directly below with a blue button and lets you set a limit for the Cash Out. Once this amount is reached it will automatically be cashed out, making it ideal if you are not planning to keep an eye on the slip as events unfold.