The latest great sporting event to be sponsored by Tipbet is the 2018 Route of Sweden, a major car meet across six days and five nights which encompasses vast swathes of the country.

This started on Thursday 12th July in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, with 50 attendees each driving their car – a wide variety of vehicle types are on show, from SUV to sports car, in what is a real test of endurance.

As major sponsors, Tipbet branding is on show with several automobiles adorned with company livery as the drivers make their way across Sweden; the route encompasses both city and country lanes and is over 1,400km long.

As well as the festival of driving – it is not a competitive race due to the different engine powers on display – a large part of the Tour of Sweden is the social side, with a packed itinerary of activities taking place each night after the day’s travelling at some of the country’s most popular summer locations.

The Tour ends on Tuesday 17th in Tylösand, which is in the south-west of the country, and includes an awards ceremony. Full information for the 2018 Route of Sweden is available here.